Tracy Rose strips naked in.. –


I’m awakened by a XXXX that was peaceful by foot steps. I give no indication that I´m not XXXX and I see a gorgeous blonde cat burglar tip. I hear her muttering to himself about all Italians keeping cash under their mattress and I sense up her elevator mine and she moans as she retrieves a wad of hundred dollar bills. She fans grins and the cash as she bends down to find out intense & what ;s under the mattress. I sieze this opportunity to catch the dumb bitch around the throat and put her. Allegra C is alerted and caught off guard!!! Too bad you didn&severe;t know Italians XXXX with just one eye open!!! The young blonde beauuty throws from the mattress and she is clad in black stiletto boots and a tight catsuit and shove a rag into her mouth. I hand the bimbo a roll of silver duct tape and then XXXX her to gag herself together with the tape wrapping it around and around her head. She attempts to fight me off but her rolls over and push her onto the mattress wrestling down her entire body. I glanced while I bind her wrists crushing them behind her 20, her sitting on top of her buttocks again. Poor young thing robbed the house, acute & didn;t acute & one darlin;. Allegra moans and grunts through her gag, but on who is in charge, she acute; s beginning to see the light. I snap her wrists . You seem just like cat burglar barbie blondie!!! I unzip poor Allegra and her catsuit a little &severe. I love your shiny boots I tell her because I rope up her ankles and conclude that. I lay on top of her entire body and also stroke Allegra&severe. Awwww – Are you really asking me to present your pussy a tight crotch rope?? I thought that was what you mmmmphed throughout your gag. I yank the rope up snugly in between her legs and up through her buttocks cheeks dividing it into two. I will hear you missy I add a half dozen wraps tightly around her head and catch the roll of tape. Poor Allegra looks miserable and starts to shout after I roll her over and finish off with a back arching hogtie. I carress and grope her own body while she&intense;s jump like that giving a trailer of the manhandling to her that´s coming as soon as my team comes to get her!!!!

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