Total Toilet Paper –


Miss T is a dirty, unkempt woman. To her toilet paper, she describes how gross and disgusting the job of his bathroom cleaner is. While she is talking to her boyfriend on the phone, he has to completely clean her genitals. After she has spoken to her boyfriend about what is happening, he gets really into it and makes all sorts of suggestions to make Mistress T even worse. Because she’s getting horny, she makes her face more cozy and tells him to tongue-fuck her.

She and her boyfriend discuss the possibility of her boyfriend coming over. They will tie up the slave and make him suffer a lot just for being there. He will then have to sucking her boyfriend’s cock, and also rim him. He will be the most embarrassed slave on earth, and they’ll do whatever it takes to get him there. The slave will be made to observe everything he does while mistress T is fiddling. The slave must use his tongue and clean up after Mistress T. In addition to the soiled ass of Mistress T, there will be plenty of cum.

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