Tiffany Tosh –


Having a few hours until the restaurant opens, manager Kurt Lockwood is currently moving over his workers’ duties. It is a pain being a manager, and Kurt’s must run a tight ship. Like all managers, sometimes he has to be”tough”, and be certain his workers are following through with their delegated tasks. 1 particular, Tiffany Tosh, was the”weak link” recently. And there’s a reason behind this: she is done. At the middle of his meeting, Tiffany makes her statement. She’s completed. She needs to earn money, and she is likely to do it at Shotgun Billy’s! It is a strip joint, and wouldn’t you know it. . .Tiffany’s likely to show off her abilities before she moves her final hour in the restaurant. A strip tease that is light becomes a full-blown gang bang! Afterall, Tiffany’s a slut for the white man. She always has been. See her cum all over that duck before her co-workers unload all over her beautiful face! . . .read longer

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