Tiffany Star –


A whore in need is a black cock slut indeed. Tiffany Star makes ends meet by providing the white pussy for high dollar up. Unfortunately for her violating the law has a stiff penalty. Tiffany Star requires legal counsel however, the price of $3500 is too high for a whore for example herself. The light at the tunnel’s end comes if Flash Brown provides his services and payment is taken by him in the kind of white pussy. Tiffany, using a psychologist for intercourse, barters her pussy for the cock of justice within Flashs trousers. Tiffany wraps her tiny lips across his expanded nuts and leaves her way up the mile-long black penis till his head is leveling her buttocks. The blow job was a part of the deal and Tiffany opens up so that Flash could shove his black kielbasa and to her intestine. Normally, Tiffany includes a bored look on her face because shes fucking redneck”Pussy Payers” but the gigantic black behemoth firmly planted in her slanted slit was enough to make her eyes roll as a slot machine. Tiffany Stars endurance wore down and Flash detonated his cock directly . The promise of Tiffany on birth control was a lie and it looks like Flash is gont be paying for this for the next 18 years. This isnt material you’ll be able to learn at Law School.

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