I pick up hot little slut AJ Marion in the bar and bring her home to meet my son. For some reason none of the girls like my son. He is so nervous around pretty girls, so I think if I tie you up AJ he won´t be so intimidated. AJ readily agrees and I begin by tying her heel to her ass in a frog tie. What´s that AJ … a rip in your pantyhose?? I reach my fingers in and rip the crotch wide open. Easy access babydoll!! AJ is nice and compliant and has no problem when I frogtie her other leg. She sits up and poses in the mirror. I bind her elbows and leave her wrists free so she can grab my son. I shove a big red ballgag into AJ´s mouth and she immediately begins drooling. I snap some pictures while AJ rolls around on the bed. Her perky little tits exposeed with those big hard nipples. I call my son Mr Ogre into the room and he is so shy. Oh mom – she is so beautiful he says over and over. I show him her crotch and instead of diving on AJ, he comes over and hugs me tightly. Ogre hides his face and begin stuttering. He runs out of the room leaving the hot number bound and gagged on the bed. I go off to get him and AJ rolls around the bed in a totally sexy struggle lifting her ass high up into the air ready to fuck – oh yes!! If my son isn´t ready to rock and roll with AJ, I sure am!!

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