The Salesman: Blindfolded,.. –


Sabre, blindfolded, collared, bandanna gagged, in a seat in rope bondage. Cock ring. As best he could through the gag, Sabre calls outside to Brandon. Brandon seems, ordering him and handgagging him again. Sabre yells through Brandons hand, but Brandon with encouragements soon begins to make him feel good. Brandon strokes Sabres cock, undoes Sabres gag. Sabre licks and sucks on his nipples. They kiss. Sabre is starving for him, his tongue looking Brandons body. Brandons armpits are licked by him as they’re offered. Brandon sucks Sabres dick goes back into Sabres dick, as Sabre becomes responsive. Sabre says hes becoming shut, but is cautioned by Brandon to not cum without permission. Brandon gives Sabre his penis to lickoff, then liquefy it as they kiss and he even bends Sabre. As Brandon functions their cocks sabre thrashes in the seat, mouth open and drooling. Brandon sucks Sabres cock, is again warned that Sabres. Sabre sucks on his armpit, Brandons cm. Brandon fervently sucks Sabres penis. Sabre begs to cum but is not provided permission. Brandon has other plans . Brandon slides his dick beneath Sabres balls, stating thats where he would like to move. Sabre collared jerks himself off since Brandon fucks him and sticks his dick. Brandon warns him not to do this without permission although sabre wants to cum. With his ass being pounded by Brandon, Sabre is allowed cums and permission . Brandon pulls out and shoots out a massive fountain of cum. They kiss. Brandon tells Sabre hes made his selling. Cut on the downstairs dungeon floor, collared and nude except for a cock ring running the vacuum cleaner to Sabre.

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