Pretty blonde Reagan Lush is a nicely trained competant spy plus she’s information I need. I have her bound to a plank in an abandoned building. Her wrists are dressed in leather and her toes are bound. She’s wearing a tight white t-shirt and jeans and she&extreme;s XXXX chilly on the plank. I toss ice water on her head and torso banging the younger spy on and walk in. Reagan is amazed with her capture and that I begin questioning her immediately. I grab the blonde in a choke hold and slap her. I tell the woman off her t-shirt cuts off her tight body exposing her tiny bikini top which barely covers her nipples and acute & she; s dressed for the event. I start the interrogation however Reagan won’t talk. I laugh in her because I peel down her wet jeans departing Reagan jump to the plank with everything. I smack her pussy and she yells out in pain I return to her face slapping either side. Her tits are grabbed by me and keep the questions coming and I am told by Reagan I can t0rture her as far as I want and she’ll never tell. I smack on the spy she starts to cry and until her pussy turns red. Until it is shiney and nice telling Reagan how the electric currents will travel better 27, I grab some oil and grease. I keep questioning her and hitting on her tits she stays stubborn. I grab a leather flogger whip and beat her with it afterward manhandle and grope her tits squeezing them hard. Reagan shouts from the pain and now that I give her another opportunity to tell me where she’s fulfilling her contact. She proclaims that she doesn&severe;t know and I don&severe;t believe a word of it so that I whip her and her entire body is currently spasming in the pain. I wake telling her I am prepared to escalate my agony and tease her and that I shall get her to break. Helpless Reagan is breathing so difficult she&extreme;therefore panting like a dog. I remove her bikini top and squeeze, pull and twist her nipples. I watch as her nipples expand and harden for your next step and combine several nipple suckers. I´I always get the spy to crack and ve been an interrogator for decades. The whipping and also the question session persists. I eliminate the suckers showing Reagan´s inflated nipples taunt her with nipple clamps that are electrical. As they are attached by me to every large nipple beginnning with a low current, her eyes widen in panic. Reagan screams and cries as the electricity soars through her nipples causing her tits to spasm but she still refuses to tell anything to . I need to know the location, yet this spy is really a demanding one and she won&severe;t give me some information. Until her tits have been convulsing involuntarily the current increases. With each shock her tits tighten and with every answer the voltage raise drastically and she yells. Reagan clenches her teeth to attempt and bear with all the pain and that I inform the thing daily, that I have. I keep the electrical present on high and render helpless Reagan struggling in pain… to be continued

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