The English Doctor Has His.. –


In this, the year old Daisy acts inappropriately with her physician, making suggestive remarks while he tries to examine her and touching himself. Due to his patients advances, Dr. English brings out the rope and restrains a naked Daisy Marie into the gyno table for a more comprehensive inspection. Her pussy is fucked hard and she squirts everywhere without asking permission first when Daisy is vibrated. At an tight strapado, this fuck toys butt is flogged. Daisys filthy mouth is ball-gagged and her cunt is full of dick. Afterwards, at a spread-legged suspension she cums hard while being pounded by Dr. English. As he swaps between pussy and mouth when she swears her mouth is set to utilize sucking on the Doctors hard dick. In the end, Daisy is left, tied to the floor with a huge load of cum on her face. Has she heard to not swear or seduce professionals? Probably not, which means Daisy Marie will need training here!

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