The Business of Women Part.. –


India has taught her menial stepdaughter to take Samantha back into Ms. Veracruz, also behave like she has what she needs. Samantha is equipped with a safe word that its clear when to make their own relocation. While the unsuspecting Vanessa parades her riches around in the form of Indias finest girls, she’s the mistake of getting them back into Indias mansion.Vanessa flaunts her jewels in front of India taunting her, and laying out the facts to her. Vanessa has her final woman her own daughter, her small organization, and apparently the upper hand. India sits in silence, while savoring the mockery Vanessa is making of herself tantalized. Vanessa orders her women put on a show for Mommy. Indias understanding smirk proves she’s getting tired of Vanessas tirade Even though Shyla and Samantha perform with their roles. Vanessa has been bark all of the orders, however, India loses her patience when Villain Vanessa gets a bit too high on her horse.Ms. Summer standsface to face with Ms. Veracruz and challenges to exert her hands. When Ms. Summer talks, the cards flip, and Samantha and Shyla choose the aspect of their hand that feeds. India assumes control. Vanessas words mean nothing and her break leaves her dragged through Indias mud, begging to come back into the home shes been longing for.

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