The Assistant –


Jessica Kay started this job thinking O.T. would notice her and maybe let her stay. Jessica Kay was hoping that O.T. would see her and use her the same way as he uses all the other models on the set. Jessica doesn’t desire to appear on camera, and has zero interest in becoming a celebrity. However, Jessica is obsessed with her next model, so she does not want to become a part of the video. She has a simple plan. If she dresses up like a slut, then O.T. He won’t be in a position to resist. She thinks so. It pays once but not the way she believes. Sure, O.T. O.T. uses her but there are conditions. It’s not going to be her first time walking around in a skirt so short that it makes her pants peek. She will be professional and kind. But Jessica isn’t a quitter. Jessica wants to dominate every day and will do anything to achieve that goal. She will soon notice things starting to slip through the cracks, and needs to be punished once again. She will be subject to metal bondage and corporal punishment as well as induced orgasms. Although it may not be productive, and encourage her to make more mistakes, O.T. He is fed up with her sloppy behavior and will give her more than she can handle.

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