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something about little farm boys!Taylors family owns several hundred acres of plantation property in the south. He enjoys the country life, but once he graduated from high school, he couldnt wait to have a year off to travel and brought him to us.And he will have a filthy streak… When you live in area where the nearest neighbors are miles and miles apart, what do you do? Trade dirty pictures in your own telephone of yourself, needless to say! “What is the strangest thing…?” I asked. “Cucumber in the buttocks… pretty dirty,” he replied. “Wow! Thats amazing,” I joked. “Depending on the size of the cucumber. What is the dirtiest thing youve delivered?” “Nothing too cluttered, you know, a few nut in my belly…”So hes a small bad boy with a sweet face and an extremely sexy, athletic, toned body that doesnt mind sending out pictures of his penis!

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