Straight Jock Begs to Cum.. –


Van and Sebastian find directly hottie Rod Peterson awaiting them in among the Armory’s bedrooms. Wasting no time, they tie bind him to the chimney and wrap his eyes with a blindfold. They remove the clothing out of his or her body and start stroking his dick. After edging his gorgeous dick repeatedlythey place him in front of a mirror to see himself using a man’s mouth and hands all over his cock. Rod goes wild as he girds from the ropes begs for cum. Sebastian and Van transfer his straight ass to the bed and bend him for a dildo fucking. Rod grants control to both as they wrap him tight canvas straps and torment his meaty dick with an increasing number of edges. In the end, the stud is permitted to cum, but not before a sexual tickling of his exposed toes. Covered in cum, Rod squirms from the straps as Van and Sebastian get back to tickling him over.

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