Steamy Sauna, Hot Shower &.. –


Roxy is greeted by Venus as she passes her in the sauna. Both of them silently dance that flirtatious dance where they reveal more of their sweaty bodies each other. Their cleavages are covered in sweat and their tiny bathsuits get too hotAC/a. It’s time to take a shower. Roxy can’t believe their eyes when Venus shows Roxy her nice cock in the locker room. As she looks up at Venus’ beautiful face and tits, her stomach turns as the idea of placing her lips around her dick makes her wet her pants. Venus loves Roxy’s deep voice, but Roxy’s famous sex and ability to take in so much dick till she spits is what impresses her the most. Venus swivels her cock between Roxy and Roxy, making Roxy look sexy over and over. Venus throws Roxy her entire load into Roxy’s mouth and she swallows everything.

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