Soldier Onward, Christian –


Today we have two new additions. The first is a Caribbean delight from the title of Christian Ray. Christian is born and has been living here in the usa for two decades. Jacob Ryan is present to represent the US in this tryst that is international. Jacob hails from North Carolina and is 22. We believed when they have been back in school what these two studs liked most. While languages awakened interests that are Christians math has been Jacobs favorite topic. They both began early as it came to sex. Though he didnt have sex with a different boy although christians first experience was at 13 he was 19. Jacob has been hornier than hell his 16th season and unwrapped both sides of buffet over the summertime. Whoever said is more mustve been starving. While pizza is preferred by Jacob, lol Christian loves Burgers. We then asked them that their fantasy picks would be when they can fuck any one they wanted. Brad critically; also, Pit to get Christian, who could claim that? Lol Jacob wants some Freddie Prinze, Jr. on his to do list. Guess opposites do attract. With that in mind, we are pretty sure that there will be aflyin because both of these opposites cum together. Shall we?Christian comes in to discover Jacob on the couch. Jacob finds hes asks to check out Christians foot and harm. As he begins to massage his own foot, Christian begins to do some massaging of his very . As things become interesting, they start to work out. They start to pare each others clothes off as they explore one another. Kissing because their hands dive stands and keep . Before stripping him entirely jacob gets Christian about the seat. His uncut cock springs prepared. Jacob takes his hard prick down as Christian starts to bob his head up and down. Jacob sucks and licks at that cock before preparing to let Christian return the favor. Christian is far happy to oblige as Jacob fucks his encounter and chooses Jacobs cock into his mouth. Christian licks all along balls and his cock as Jacobs penis throbs at focus. Christian then gets on his knees so he could better work that thick cock and soon they’re entangled in a hot 69 on the couch offering them all the cock they can swallow.Christian then sits back and holds his thick Cuban cock from the base as Jacob straddles it and sits down. His bum is stretched broad as Christians cock makes its way from. You like that? As Jacob begins to ride his prick, christian moans. Jacob grunts in ecstasy as he squeezes down his ass on Christians cock. Christian is much more than pleased to help as Jacob is grabbed by him from the waist and starts to knock his dick . Christian then gets Jacob on his back and begins to fuck him missionary. Jacobs cock is hot as he gets fucked. Feels coos Christian if he likes it, as he asks Jacob. Hot, hot and careful. We like. As he picks up the speed forcing Jacob 17, christian starts to knock his prick. As he gets his hole 10, jacobs cock is throbbing. He starts to fuck 9, as Christian nears orgasm. As Christian pulls out, hammering his thick nut all they are both at the border of no return. Jacob is seconds behind Christian since he too shoots over his cum navel.

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