Poor blonde big tit Rachel DD has been recorded from the slave trader. He abandoned elbow bound and her frogtied – gagged and blindfolded in an abandoned building for an entire week. I walk to find her fighting and sobbing. Awwww bad thing – that I ungag her remove her blindfold and climb onto the cot with her. Aren&severe;t you a one with your big tits that are huge? You want don some TLC & acute;t you honey? I grope and manhandle her panties body and the dumb bimbo is confused and disoriented. I offer to untie her wrists to relieve some of her pain and distress. I explain to Rachel that I used to be partners with the man slave trader who has used and abused her and that I will rescue her – of course the accession of a tight crotch rope is a necessity for her discharge and I suck it up and between her swollen pussy lips up and down throughout her round ass cheeks!! Acute, the dumb doesn & disoriented;t resist. What a woman – I´ll bring you back to your daddy right away. You want to be doll so no one hears us that tell her because I wrapping her pretty head with layers of kitty wrap and then shove on a white rag between her lips. We’ll sneak you out of this at the trunk. I walk around to my car and get her hot sexy body that is bound into the back. I bind up her legs and place her to a hogtie”to keep her safe” and then Rachel nods in agreement. What a bitch – she does not have any clue that I &severe;m off to steal her and push her away to sell her ass!!!!

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