Secret Sister-In-Law –


Jane Wilde enters the massage parlor to be greeted and assisted by Lilly Ford. Jane tells Lilly Ford that she would like a massage, but doesn’t know what the options are. Jane is just coming out of a life-changing experience and wants to be relaxed. Lilly isn’t interested in asking questions and recommends their NURU massage. It involves a body sliding technique which is not usually included with standard massage packages. Jane is willing to give it a try.
Jane is led by Lilly to her private area and explained the process of the massage: undressing and shower followed by a mat massage. Jane says some clients like privacy while undressing, but she invites Jane to remain. She’s going to be naked during the remainder of the massage. They have a small conversation and get along as they both undress and start to take a shower.
Lilly wants to know what’s making her stressed. Jane assures Lilly that she is healthy and her body is in good condition. She’s only tired from a hectic week. Her boyfriend and she just eloped. Jane’s family is furious. She hasn’t told her husbandAs family, and she hasn’t met their families. It’s all been a constant source of stress. Lilly is sympathetic and listens to Jane’s request for a massage. That sounds wild. Lilly says, “At the end of it all, youAre here to relax. So try to forget about family today.”
Lilly and JaneA have a small conversation. JaneA sees JaneAs wedding ring and comments that it is very expensive. Jane claims that her husbandA is a lawyer. A’Oh, A’ Lilly responds, saying her brother, who is also a lawyer, works in a hot downtown law office. They smile with small world.
Otherwise, the shower proceeds without incident. The girl-on-girl rubdown, which is filled with sensual touch and moans, is not sexual. Lilly appears attracted to Jane but does not seem to desire to be married. Jane, meanwhile, remarking that LillyAAs hands are on Jane’s breasts and her ass “feels really greatA” in the same manner it would when she massaged her shoulders. The girls then move on to the last stage of their massage, which takes place on the mat.
Lilly applies the NURU gel to both of their bodies. She then coats their perky breasts and smooth skin with the oil. The small talk continues and Lilly asks JaneA what JaneAs husbandA is. Lilly freezes when Jane tells Lilly his name. Jane questions, “Is there something wrong?” Lilly stops doing what sheA’s currently doing and gets up. She explains that it is her brotherAs name. Jane smiles at Jane with an incoherent smile. A’Then… uhh… A’Then… uhh…
Lilly is stunned. It’s hard for her to believe that her brother did not tell Lilly that he was going to marry her. Jane apologizes and says that she doesn’t understand his reasoning. Lilly attempts to forget it all and assures Jane that she will not be bothered by it. She can still live her private and professional lives separately.
Jane was surprised to hear that Jane thinks itA’s appropriate for her to continue with the massage. Lilly claims that they are sisters in law, but it doesn’t make anything any less. TheyAre naked together already. Jane says she is worried that Lilly may be taking it too far. After they have gathered the facts, Jane recalls that her husband once told her that her sister was a lesbian. He also said that her mother used to try and steal his girlfriends. Lilly acknowledges this, but she says that it is true.
Jane interrupts Lilly’s massage and tells her to stop. Jane is still uncomfortable with Lilly being touched by a woman of color. SheA is not gay. Lilly claims that thisAs what his ex-girlfriends also said, and that she has converted all of them. She is a magnet for girls! Jane may not believe Lilly, but Lilly claims itA’s true. SheA’ll bet Jane on it. Jane can agree to have sex and LillyA will assist her in settling things with her family. Jane considers the situation and reluctantly accepts. It’s impossible for Lilly to be THAT great.
Lilly starts to massage Jane again with an erotic intention. Jane initially tries to avoid the massage, but soon she is able to relax under LillyA’s skilled touch. Jane is already feeling warm from her massage so Lilly immediately jumps into eating and tribbing pussy. Jane goes wild. Jane may be converted, after all.

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