Savana Styles in Pool Sharks.. –


Alec is a midwestern boy only the right balance between country and city. Hes former military with chiseled features, a super tight, ripped body, wonderful abs and nice defined arms. He operates out about five days a week and keeps a pretty strict diet. But, hes not afraid to indulge at a pizza every once in a while, either. Something very alluring about Alec is that his personality. Hes very polite, not so much for small talk, answers questions and has a very military-like demeanor.But, once the clothes come off, its a whole different Alec. His cock gets rock hard, and if its tough it bends upward and slightly left. Since hes slough off, hes intensely focused on his penis, stroking slowly, then fast, then slow, then quick.Hes a big music aficionado, however there is 1 genre he really loves.Im really into old-school traditional rock songs from the 60s, 70s and 80s, he stated without hesitation…

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