Sandra –


Thanks to Veronica, our initial Polish version to try the machines, we are introduced to the playful and sexy, Sandra.Sandra goes by looking at the lens at a raw, very inquisitive way to realising we are in the room and as her pussy awakens she starts taking the dicks faster and deeper until she’s completely spent. She begins with the working the machine slow and fast, and she giggles when she gets the the way up. She looks at you and says in her Polish accent Max! Priceless! There is something about the way Sandra is in the front of your camera, almost hypnotic. In the end interview she admits to loving the top of all, and then asks if that is okay! Yes, Sandra, adoring machine orgasms is just fine with us!If you missed her, go back to early this month to the Polish excursion introduction of the amazing Veronica that christens the machines for us in the Eastern Block.This is at HD wide screen format with downloadables at 927kbps

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