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What's got Rylie Kay? Mostly the extreme tit torture that she is going to have to endure now. She’s a wonderful set on her: the size to bind, sensitive enough to agony, and a lot fun to play with. Really, that may be the description of Rylie herself. The perfect size, simple to fuck with, and oh, so much pleasure. This form of breast is really intriguing. It consists of a wire cage which moves around the base of this tit and totally frames the breast feeding. Why bother with something so complicated? Well it compels those incredible fun totes up and out, introducing them. It holds her tightly that where she would have pink cane marks there are glowing red welts along with the skin appears ready to divide. When O.T. is completed adorning her tits with beautiful stripes he turns her around and starts working on the opposite end. Her bum could use a few marks and bruises as well, and he is delighted to offer the artwork for so long as the canvas will be provided by her.

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