Running A Lil Late –


Scene Lady Monroe, a ballet dancer who reveals that she’s also an exotic dancer. SheA’s tired of all the pole work and is ready to get a massage. Cameron Dee, who was running late, assures Lady that she will not feel any pain and it won’t hurt. LadyA gets stripped so Cameron can do what she has to in order to ease LadyA’s pain and stress. Cameron begins to work her perfectly white skin with her hands after a quick lubrication. Lady sits down as Cameron touches her freshly shaved genitals. Cameron assures Lady that the stress relief she will experience is amazing. Cameron listens to Lady and takes advantage of the chance to kiss her lovely lips and get up on her while she works her nipples into a erection. Lady Monroe is quickly smoked down to her stomach by Cameron, and she continues the massage until she finally gets off.

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