Rubbery and Slutty –


As this scene begins, aEURoeIaEUR ™ I am lying here with my rubber doaEUR Jasmine. He has a tad too large clitoris so she rubs the area to increase aEURheraEUR ™. The dolls’ clitty is rolled over by her sharp hand. Jasmine says that aEURoeSheaEUR ™, it’s just a doll, so she doesn’t have to complain. She now reaches out for a sounding device and describes how she would like to make the doll’s little fingers grow. It is very hungry, and has swallowed the entire metal rod. Jasmine moves the rod in and out, while Jasmine’s expression doesn’t change the dolls breathing.

Jasmine decided that the doll needed something larger so she took out the rod and reached for the bigger one. She is astonished at the size of this one and wonders how her doll can handle it. The tip is inserted and she works the piece up and down until it finally falls into the hole. Jasmine strokes dolls, causing them to grow clit. Soon they will rock hard. It stops. The sound disappears completely when she hits the doll’s berries with her bare hands and says, “I love abusing my dolls.” Jasmine squeezes the berries, strokes and strokes to create a creamy layer on her doll’s corset. Jasmine takes off the corset, and she says, aEURoeI love playing with dolls.

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