Repair Men at ClubDom (HJ.. –


Alex and Lew are off to complete some handyman job. Goddess Jean Bardot takes them out and replies the door to clarify what job has to be done. She proceeds to tell them that the estate has rather stringent rules. Reveals them a door with a sign that says”Do Not Enter” then informs them that they’re not to enter this door under any circumstances. They might undergo consequences, When they do. Repair guy Lew being a cocky chauvinistic pig states”we dont have to hear these girl, lets just move in there”. Alex warns him”no we shouldnt go in, it is forbidden.” Lew pushes the doorway open and that which ensues next is domination to the bitches for the next 24 hours. Alex is secured in a cage. Lew is strapped into a bondage seat with the Hood to pay his face and a ball gag pushed in his mouth that is cocky that is loud. The women tell him that they are likely to empty the male filth out of his balls that are slutty. Reminding him again that he had been warned. Goddess Kylie Rogue advantages that this sluts stick stroking it fast then slow slow. Eventually he spurts his load of guy filth. By showing this bitch whos even measures are taken by goddess Jean Bardot. Slowly taking off her heel, climbs up on the seat and kicks the nuts that are bitches and over again till he just about moves out from the pain. The women inform them that this is only the start and laugh. There will be consequences for the next 24 hours Pt 1

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