Relaxing Outdoor Pee –


An butt plug is shoved deep inside the sluts ass, Mistress Midori ends up the vibrating part of the plug. The vibrator is right in addition to his prostate, this can ensure he releases each drop of semen out of it. Mistress Midori manually manipulates his penis while yanking the plug producing an intense suction and pressure on the prostate. Mistress Midori intends on recycling his cum self made”wet food”. He might need to swallow his load right from the origin. The harder his penis receives, the closer it becomes touching his own tongue. The slut slave can’t resist the joy of getting his cock touched, but he also understands he will ultimately pay the price using a hot load of cum drizzling down his throat when he does orgasm. Mistress Rachael Midori is completely entertained seeing him struggle with the anticipation of sperm shooting out of his cock. Mistress Midori jerks him laughs as she shoots it straight down the hatch… SWALLOW EVERY LAST DROP! She also makes him lick on the tip clear.

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