Peeping Tom #19, Scene #01 –


Actress Vanessa Veracruz has hired to take a selling massage oil. But each time Vanessa does the manager cut is called by Serena Blair, a take. However many occasions Vanessa attempts to reevaluate her lines and covers herself in oil, the implementation isnt exactly what Serena needs. Sixty-seven takes the acrylic is currently staining her trousers, and Vanessas behaving fashion becomes the top. Serena calls for a timeout on explanations and the set the cameraman to give them some privacy. She desire her job and rubs shoulders to Vanessas. She gets Vanessa laughing. Serena wants to find the oil covering her ass, therefore Vanessa sits onto the massage table into a bit of oil. Serena drenches her . It only soak up, although she attempts to spread it around with her body. Vanessa practices her lines for Serena as the manager repositions her bra. Serena takes her top off. She squeezes the oil to Vanessas crotch after that they will get an remarkable take saying shes convinced. Serena gets Vanessa to lie down on the dining table. She removed her bra and hops onto her. Delirious from the long afternoon shooting at her commercial, Serena catches Vanessas enormous oil squeezes them enthusiastically and coated boobs. She offers her a foot massage and pulls off her oil covered pants , trusting shell sink into her character. She licks the crotch of her petroleum soaked panties over. Vanessa mews and yells in admiration. Vanessa makes sure she got the role in the commercial, and Serena confirms she will be a star. Serena licks Vanessas kisses and boobs the celebrity. Then she gets Vanessa cum in her mouth. The favor is returned by vanessa to Serena, and Serena eats fingers her pretty pussy and Vanessas ass. Serena tribs her slippery slit till they cum concurrently!

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