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Hey Guys I am Cikita, a young and sexy blonde from Czech Rep. Although I love boys very far I did not have much of a chance climbing up. My parents are extremely rigorous, I grew up in a village and I am a shy person by nature. I cum to Prague and my parents are bad and hang out a lot. Prague is like a different world in comparison to where I’m from. I met with this man last week and we talked for a while and he then said that he wished to take me back to his own place and it took me by surprise. At first I thought that he meant to do you understand what but he then clarified he was, telling me he was a photographer that shoots the internet and was on the lookout exactly. We talked for a little longer and I chose to give it a go. So this would be the same I have teased myself. I gradually took off my clothes hammering my nipples and caressing my entire body every step along the way, playing with my big tits and touching. I felt myself becoming excited fast like never beforeI was just like becoming a virgin all over again. He’d granted me a toy sooner and I told him that I hadn’t ever used. But he left it there just in case. I didn’t head I believed it was cute. Needless to say I gave it a go, rubbing on my pussy then slipping indoors. I moved all around giving myself a really major orgasm. I’ve fingered myself lots of days and fucked my pussy with house holds my mom would not miss but that made my pussy feel so good, such as some thing I’ve never sensed before. I really hope you had fun, I know I did. You know I did not know what to expect being my very first time and all touching myself facing a stranger but that’s it is all said and done, I think that it makes it much more exciting. I think I will cum again. C U following time!Read longer

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