Party Hardcore Gone Crazy.. –


Jay told me, I like anything with a huge ass. We were told by you That Jay is the piece of man flesh ever to walk the planet. We said to ourselves, we have to have Jay and 8 throbber back to quickly as we could! This serving of Latin love-candy has a day sucker men around the world are lining up to have their limbs. By the day Jays first installment aired, we all fell in love with all this manly, square-jawed face made all the more mesmerizing with skin the colour of Creme Brule, the naturally-built, idyllically-hairless entire human anatomy and also the curves of a butt so round and tight it looks a crime against the natural sequence that it is off limits, and also needless to say, eight mouthwatering inches of some thick, uncut palatial manhood that’s spurned a dynasty of fantasies.Jays very first love may be a bountiful booty, but his second love is enjoying basketball, so weve caught him on court near the studio and allow him to indulge his fire while we indulge our eyes with all the perspective of that huge package doing its very own double-dribble inside these shorts. It isn’t long before there are boners on either side of the camera and it’s a tough call as to who’s more happy to contact the studio so Jay will get to playing with his balls down. Having a look into the lens that reeks of an charm complete you’re prepared for a cigarette before he gets started, Jay starts rubbing on a tent which in his shorts, is clearly visible even from throughout the room. Pulling his shirt off, he is quickly yanking its way sneaking until the entire attractiveness is centre court, throbbing at focus. And, oh yes, something that big is definitely likely to encounter overtime!Teasing us with a perspective of these gold orbs, Jay moves into the couch and begins humping away, unknowingly offering us a peek of the no-mans property of his hole at the middle of the furry crack, before turning over and doing a double-dribble onto a shaft as tough as we’ve seen it. The double-dribbling turns right out to doubled-fisting, as he works up his dick standing for a little. By the time he melts down in the seat, these bloated balls are forcing a stream of pre to trickle down just like a summer rain. By now, his dick is thick enough to work out with, as his flex like hes doing a super-set of curls. However, the super-set here are those baby makers in that sofa, which force a scrimmage of both jock jizz that covers his hand out, then puddles back on the pillow beneath. While we are fairly sure Jay will not give up chasing cheerleaders, we are damn sure that if he decides to try out the men just version of a full-court press, there will not be a lack of volunteers.

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