Nicollete Noir, Victoria.. –


European babes Victoria and Nikola combine forces now. Nikola is getting ready in front of her dressing table when Victoria can be feeling and comes ! She runs her hands all over her body supporting her strip out of her tiny hotpants and shot top along with before shooting her and starts to kiss Nikola. Victoria becomes topless and Nikola licks at her nipples involving passionate kissing. Victoria bends over Nikola to a position and starts to squirt and lick her tight buttocks. She uses Nikolas necklace rub her pussy and bum and fingers it. She lets Nikola taste her own juices in the necklace. Victoria shortly needs some fun too and lays down on the couch whilst her ass is rimmed by holding onto Nikolas head, letting her also! She hands Victorias hole and then these stunning lesbians take turns to fuck each other in! Victoria masturbates at exactly precisely the exact same time and they like prior to continuing their play pleasure sharing a taste of the dildo! Even though Nikola gets her bum fucking, she rubs her pussy with a black dildo that gets off her in no time! Both women enjoy a hard orgasm from their anal intercourse which leads to a horny spectacle for us!

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