My Grandmas A Lesbian #02,.. –


When Celine Noiret sees something she wants she gets it, but its not like its much of a struggle for this fashionable freak. On this day she was smoking a cigarette outside in her yard when she saw a handsome man on the street, and all it requires is to allow her to open to the gate and call him , and when he starts to talk she stops himtaking out his cock pulling him his penis up to her entrance porch, in which the fully dressed magic begins! Why waste your time talking when Celine would rather have some dick pounded in her head, and Jay Dee couldnt agree more, actually taking Celine for a lace clad ride as he fucks off on this chick, pulling her panties aside simply adequate and giving his all until he busts his nut all over her lace blouse! Thats the speech of hardcore, but kinky Celine desires more, and Jay Dees happy to golden shower over this Eurobabe freak, but when she demands even more she understands she has to take things into her own hands, putting up her bum in the air and pissing around her blouse and her own face, much gargling the stink because it fills her face hole! Celine has a small business to attend to, if she understands, and at this stage Valentina Ross comes upon the scene, theres always enough time to get a more golden shower all over this freak!!

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