My BFF Seduced Me Part Two:.. –


Alex Tanner along with sammie Daniels have been best friends since they could walk. Every experience theyve ever needed, has been including, their very first lesbian experience. She purchased, Alex around for a sleepover and , showing her the seat her parents invites her bestie After Sammies parents are outside of town. Alex, sees this as an chance to test out some processes shes learnt from her Step-Mom on Sammie… from the new seat. Sammie is a little unsure at first but, trusting her BFF she knows shes in good hands.The girls wake up the following morning, in Sammies parents mattress feeling refreshed after an evening of orgasmic bliss. Before Sammie gets the urge to talk to Alex regarding the activities from the evening 21, they marvel for a little. Alex loves teasing her BFF, therefore she pretends not to know what Sammie is referring too, which contributes Sammie to speaking about, their sexy night. Both women are turned by this on, to another round of hot, wet lesbian sex. They begin with gentle kisses, which rapidly grow enthused. Alex decides its time to show Sammie another technique that is guaranteed to please, and tried yet. Alex is actually to this one. She guides Sammies body grabbing on her cute ass as , Sammies tight pussy teases with her tongue. Sammie shrieks with delight and forth can no longer wait. This just might be the very best orgasm shes ever needed and its thanks to her dear, sweet, BFF Alex.

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