Mon Strips Off Her Bikini –


Gina Killmer is not pleased with her worker Dina, even if she’s a gorgeous blonde Eurobabe. After all, it creates a serious stink and even dirtied the plant up at the corner, but Gina will be willing to forget and forgive if she could convince her to put the cancer stay and go into the shower area next door to wash off the plant. Obviously Gina is a wetlook freak, and she certainly has some ulterior reasons with this”discipline” – to jump into the shower together with Dina! Gina always loves some wetlook sensuality, and doing so using a sense of fashion such as this one and with a babe this sexy makes her pussy wet before they even get into the shower! Both these babes are wearing silk blouses and skirts that are hot, which are quickly completely soaked! With buckets of water all over the beauties and Ginas large breasts, wetlook fans cant miss this one! We are told by A person Dina could get busted smoking soon enough!

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