Metal Steps –


Every guy who moves by Kendall Karson cant help but stare at her beautiful 32DDs. She is sick of the constant focus on her tits and she intends to provide this slave an up close viewing of her tits. She folds her torso over him until her soft pillows are against every side of his face. A dream comes over Kendall to press her tits harder against his face burying him in the valley of cleavage, smothering him fully with her tits.She bends back . This moment she wraps her arms across the back part of his head squashing his face tight up from her torso. The hot flesh of her boobs pressed closely against the face. It felt great to the slave until he knew that he couldnt breathe. His nose and mouth were completely smothered by her flesh. He attempts to squirm out. Kendall wraps her arms more tightly around his face, keeping his head straightened within her cleavage.Kendall shifts positions, relaxing her grip enough to let him a shallow breath. She tickles his body then presses down again, smothering him from the warm space between her buttocks. She plays a game for a little while, every time pressing longer and more between enabling him a breath, till he believes he should pass out for certain.

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