Maitresse Madeline Pushes.. –


Ariel X finds herself operating Maitresse Madeline’s whims. No matter what Ariel doesn’t satisfy Maitresse’s lezdom fantasies, it isn’t sufficient to save her from an electro BDSM abuse. Maitresse makes Ariel stand on one foot and ensures she is constantly off balance, and zaps her with a cattle prod for her clumsiness.But that is only the start of Ariel’s electrosex ordeal. Maitresse runs the prod around Ariel’s own body, zapping her thighs and her pussy, eliciting yelps of shock against the electroslut.Maitresse places Ariel in alloy restraints, also zaps the lesbian BDSM bindings and metal clips she’s attached to Ariel’s buttocks. While the soles of the toes of Ariel electrify then Ariel discharge is allowed by Maitresse using metal dildos in the willing and sopping pussy ass. From Maitresse, Ariel completes the scene with a face-mounted dildo anally fisting Ariel for the first time!!!

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