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Small city girl Alexis Monroe hitchhiked all the way to Las Vegas, Nevada in search of a fresh start. Thats when glamorous MILF Richelle Ryan finds on the strip walking nothing but the skimpy clothing on her back. Richelle tells her to get inside and brings in a luxurious hotel. Alexis is so innocent and green, she allows herself be rescued by the Sin City indigenous. Richelle possesses an management firm. Give her a job and she offers to shine her up. Alexis goes back to Richelles condo to be dolled up and spray tanned. Alexis is ready to get to work, but shes so naive she doesnt understand what sort of work casing be doing. Madame Richelle starts to trainer Alexis on the best way to support her clients, after Alexis slips to a gorgeous turquoise gown. She teaches Alexis to remove the panties, along with her dress. She asks Alexis if shes . Richelle doesnt count that as adventure, although alexis admits to sleeping with a few girls in her school days. Shes knows. Her aim is to make Alexis the number one supplier in Vegas. Listening to Richelles directions, naked Alexis crawls on the bed. Richelle cups Alexis breasts and flutters her tongue. She kisses her but wants tongue. When Alexis hesitates to advance within her coaching, Richelle motivates her to go with this, and take advantage of this chance shes been given to work together with the high rollers in Las Vegas. Alexis acquiesces, kissing her deeply. Richelle feeds that the ingenue a mouthful of her tits and takes her bra off. She clarifies to show her how she was done and chooses her clothes’ rest. More, the MILF is resisted by Alexis. Richelle gives Alexis a simple check. Shes been grooming her. This is the job. If she needs the nice cars, expensive dishes and glamorous lifestyle if she wants to work , she then needs to cooperate. Alexis parts her thighs to show that shes onboard. Richelle sets her mouth on Alexis pussy, licking her with fine long strokes. She educates her protege tips to drive the customers such as being sexy and spanking her hair. Till Alexis cums inside her mouth her tongue rolls on her pussy, with it just like built in vibrator, teasing the clit. Richelle asks Alexis to lick at her pussy and make her nipples. She sits burying Alexis under her huge butt. Legs played out on the mattress, Richelle glazes Alexis face with her pussy juice. Alexis obediently straddles Richelle and sucks her face until she releases another orgasm. Theres one more trick to reveal Alexis. Until Alexis is screaming as shes cumming, richelle arranges herself aligning his pussies and tribbing her wildly. Her vocals can be kept by Believe Alexis down? Click to find out!

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