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Leggy blonde Star Nine knows you like to see her dressed in a crop shirt and a super brief demin mini skirts using above the knees boots. You; s been teasing with her legs and sultry eyes that are sexy. Star states how she can & acute; t wait no more that you get here and tie her up she & intense; s going out to find someone and saunters to her room rope and a ball gag. The next thing you know amazing Star is tied and wiggling on her bed taunting you with her charm and seducing you. She holds a ballgag out and begs you to strap it. Star squirms around the bed in pleasure begging and begging for more. She gave herself at the unknown stranger’s hands and that only angered you. You employ Jim Hunter and allow me to take care of Star and teach a lesson holding out to you to the sexpot. We catch Star in her attic wearing skin a shiney top and tight panties. Jim ropes Star & severe; we shove a rag in her mouth putting it and s arms behind her back . I drag Star and we tie her legs also, but Star is elastic and she twists her body to choose at the knots binding her ankles. You’re not likely to escape Star… we smash her elbows together to limit her movement. Jim grabs her by the hair and poor Star battles and drag her away. Star returns along with her wrists bound ahead. We placed her and then crank up her arms over her mind to warm her up a bit. Next we stand Star up and crank up the rope onto her wrists. Helpless Star&intense;s feet come off the ground and that she spins. Severe & star;s body vulnerable and is stretched – . I hear I will tell in the wetness of her underwear and Star moaning in delight which she´s ripe and ready . We see her drool and ballgag her . Acute & it;s time to satisfy with you so that I dress the stunning monster in a pencil skirt and blouse with heels and garters and stockings and she &extreme;therefore carried in by my spouse across the shoulder. Star&severe;I grope her entire own body before bending her across the table and s arms are still in a hammer lock. I yank her tight ass skirt off leaving her buttocks. I spank Star&severe;s bum for not awaiting you personally and reprimand her having a wonderful ass beating. I fondle her pussy making sure intense & she;s wet for you and I give you the light that is green. Ultimately intense & it;s time that you meet your fantasy girl. I pull her skirt back up and sit gagged and bound body onto the table where she purrs expecting your arrival to come back and take control of her fantastic body and moans.

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