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Brenn Wyson is making his debut. Brenn, the Boxer out of Boston, makes 39 look yummy. We have yet another new face which makes his debut this week. Christian was featured on our brother website, CircleJerkBoys, to rave reviews so we didnt understand why we couldnt allowed Brenn at this sexy import. Give him! (. . .or is that the other way around?) We asked. Lithuania over there exploring his family , for Brenn who found it to be beautiful while. Christian enjoys vacationing to the beach with his family. They both knew they had big dicks from the time while Brenn considers himself to be a freak in the bag Christian believes himself to a little more reserved and they were 12. Dont let the innocent face fool you, Christian could be reserved but he boasts that hes good regardless of where he lands. Versatility is essential! Well, the challenge was made a bottom although because Brenn believes himself to ben’t only a strength fucker. Well have to watch, Brenn grins. Put your bets gentlemen, things are going to get a hell of a lot more intriguing. . .Brenns is in his room doing something about it and feeling sexy. He undoes his trousers to present his growing cock some space. Unbeknownst to him, Christian peeked at the doorway and is transfixed staring at Brenn playing with his thick penis. Brenn pulls it from his briefs and starts to jack . Christians cock comes alive because he watches the show. Its boy stalk. Get it? As a verb; afterward as a nou — not to mind stalk very first. Christian cant hold back any longer and walks into on Brenn. Brenn is pleased as they begin to workout to see him. They strip down to their briefs as Brenn sticks his dick. He face fucks his buddy as Christian battles to shoot it all. As Christian gets right back to his dick giving him a hell of a spit shine, brenn slides back. I want suck your penis as he gets the chance to return the 17, Brenn moans. Christian stands after Brenn wraps his lips around his penis, starts to throat fuck Brenn which makes him gag. Christian then takes top bunk in a hot 69 because he sucks Brenns dick while fucking his throat.The party moves into the chaise where Christian sits on Brenns massive cock. Christians bod gradually impales itself carrying Brenns meat all up . As he begins to ride that dick christians cock is rock hard. As he gets him shoot it brenn shoves his dick up into that ass. Christian isnt about to back down and requests him to give him it tougher. As he watches his thick Boston bone slide inside that hot ass, ride that fucking dick, my Cubano boy Brenn grunts. Brenn is bent over as Christian takes his turn at bat. You enjoy it? Because he starts to pound Brenns ass christian asks. Brenn enjoys that Cuban cock as he gets that hole wrapped. Brenn is grabbed by christian as he slams his meat house. The space matches as Christians balls away at the ass. That dick is loved by brenn as they reverse 15, however he wants the driver seat. Fuck that butt Christian cries into fucking that bum spanked as Brenn goes . The chemistry between these two were going to see exactly how volatile as Christian fucks himself that dick busting a nut all over his abs and is explosive. Brenn is following as he pulls and coats Christians navel with more leche. Leche, mmmm. . .it does a human body goooood.

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