Kendra Lust in Going Long –


Today I´m having a great deal of fun by dressing it up! I´m wearing my customized made DL t-shirt, a cunning pair of black knee length socks with little pink hearts on them, and round my crotch I have on a really soggy blue DC Idyl. Whilst sitting on the setteeI talk about all of the various items of clothing and accessories that I’ll be trying on, and clarify the choices behind them. I absolutely love putting on outfits, and I absolutely love anime, therefore I thought it’d be super fun to combine both and turn myself to an anime character! First, I remove my socks then slide onto a pair of white stockings, then I remove my t-shirt, cheekily showing off my nude body. I then pull on a glistening gold top which to the eye appears almost as crinkly as my DC Idyl! I then slip to a purple PVC skirt, which is very tight and hugs my pert butt beautifully. It&severe;s quite rustling over the very top of my DC Idyl, although I could ´t even be sure which bit of clothes is making the most sound;-RRB- Carrying on with the shiny motif, I put on some sparkling stage sneakers, and then I place a pretty pink feather boa around my shoulders for a touch of class. Finally, to complete the look, I urge a purple sock, and I must admit that my appearance is currently completely different, though I&severe;m just as cute as ever! I truly do look like an anime woman. Try it at home, I promise it’s so much pleasure. Though remember, doing this strapped into something wet only works to increase the fun;)

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