Journalistic Integrity –


Isiah Maxwell is an online journalist who comes to the parlor in order to publish a report on NURU massage. Mona Azar, Masseuse Mona Azar, offers him a massage in order to dispel his misconceptions about NURU. Isiah initially hesitates, as a journalist he’s supposed to only be watching. He can’t resist MonaAs attractive body and decides to agree.
Mona requests Isiah take off his clothes. After some nervousness and surprise, Mona agrees. He lies naked on the NURU mat. Mona applies NURU gel to him, and she begins sliding her naked body down his. Isiah loves every minute of it and is giggling with delight as MonaA slides her perfect tits along his body.
Mona eventually has Isiah turn over and begin to slide on his back. It doesn’t take too long before this sexual massage takes an encore more sinister turn.
It looks like IsiahA is going to be more than just another story!

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