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Our audiences are very astute.There is an inconsistency in the first part of the video that I understand many people would catch, so that I might also come clean about it.BillyaskedCooper:”Have you had intercourse with a guy? “Coopers response:”Um, no. “However, Cooper was the lucky guy who got totake Harleys virginity. So what gives?Well, in a really rare turn of events, that this movie was really filmed beforeHarley Gets Fucked. What you see in this movie really is Coopers first time fucking the other guy.Why did I place the movies from sequence? To be honest, I had been so excited about Harley finally taking it up the bum that I just couldn’t wait to get this up about the site.So thats the reason Cooper appears a little more nervous and inexperienced in this video, where he gets to fuck Billys ass hard.So, once they resigned, Billy and Cooper both had questions for each other.Billy desired to understand how big Coopers cock is.Cooper wanted to know how many guys Billy has sexual intercourse with.You know, for being a shy man, Cooper is a lively little shirt!

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