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Jarek loves to play “tough” and sometimes quiet, which makes it difficult for me to assess how he reacts to people. Johnny’s smile, however, is a good indicator of his mood. He was beaming with joy when he first met Jarek. Both are big, strong and in great shape. They had some fun boxing to build tension and then Jarek started getting excited! Boxing while wearing clothes is boring. Let’s raise the stakes and let’s get rid of the shorts. Jarek had been waiting all along for this moment. After taking his shorts off, he went straight in to get JohnnyA’s. He seemed ready to continue boxing. But, halfway through, he looked at Johnny, smiled and stated, “You know what? I donAt want to box anymore.” He was down on his knees, JohnnyA’s fat dick in the middle of his mouth. Jarek began to sex Johnny aggressively. JohnnyA’s sex ended up getting a lot of abuse until he was covered in cum.

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