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Regrettably for spy Nicole Peters, her spouse gave her up. We double the compliments pinning her down. We have ways to make you speak. Jim Hunter starts to add rope into Nicole&intense;therefore arms slamming them so closely together with massive amounts of rope that they appear as one long sleeve. He crosses her legs and binds them tightly. Nicole is rebellious and refuses to give any advice to us, but I know we’ll break her finally and we have all of the time on earth to make her snap. I straddle Nicole&severe;s leaping body and hold her still while my partner adds a great deal of rope to her thighs. Who&severe;so man that offered you out? He&severe;s working for us now. I laugh at the young spy. Acute & you;ll never find loose and you are going to be this simple to break. I push a ballgag into her cocky mouth and then wrap. We&severe;ve justbegun to get started one. I grab a roll of duct tape and we wrap her head with several layers of this tape silencing her, after Hunter completes off her in a tight hogtie. We inform the spy that she is going to be given yet another opportunity after having a night on the ground fighting in bondage to talk. We return the next day to find out if extreme & she;s chose to cooperate yet. Jim eliminates some of the ropes and props the girl up on her feet linking the wrist rope to a hook and then jacking the spy up in a nearly strappado. I ungag Nicole figuring she´s more than ready to tell us where the gold is, nevertheless, the youthful spy is muuch more stubborn and hard than we anticipated. I scatter the winch up a couple of notches pulling up Nicole in the strappado watching her struggle to maintain her balance, not pull out her shoulders onto her tip toes. We leave her for still another night expecting she will crack through the morning. When we return we unhook the chains along with Hunter lifts and carries . We tell Nicole. He hang the woman in a suspension her feet totally off the floor. Can you feel that the pressure on your lungs sweetie?Soon your lungs will start to collapse from the strain. We depart the stubborn spy spinning around grunting and mooaning to her gag and hanging. You will talk… later or sooner. We will be back in a couple of hours. When I come back I find Nicole attempting to support herself onto a box. I predict my spouse. He quickly adds rope pulling up her knees to her crotch so she has no chance to fight the pain and torment of the suspension.

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