Imagine What The School.. –


A close-up of Lily opens the scene. The young teacher explains to her that although she enjoys teaching, she is now facing a problem. The principal is that problem. HeaEUR(tm), she said, is a real pigaEUR. aEURoeI see him looking at me and making lewd remarks to me. ItaEUR ™.s touched my genitals as I walked by him. We see her sleeping principal in her cell, covered and locked up. As Lily slaps him on the face, aEURoeI tricks him. As he attempts to understand what happened, the principal becomes confused and dazed. The principal denies trying to get on her, or being rude to any extent. He demands his release. Lily reminds him about his behaviour and then sits on his stomach with her pussy and panties just inches from his face.

He is shocked to learn that she has a surprise in her stomach. Her boyfriend, she tells her. Her panty is removed to reveal her naked puss. The cum runs from her, before it drips onto her cage. She says that aEURoeHeaEUR ™ is ten times more man than you’ll ever meet, and she picks up some cum with her fingers before rubbing it into his nostrils. She simply rubs the cum on his lips and face, despite him protesting. He is so aroused by her words that she tells him to get out his tongue and rub it on his face. He pulls away and she informs him that all thataEUR ™, is happening, is being recorded and that heaEUR[tm]ll either do what she tells or reveal the truth. Before she can sit down on her face, she turns and shows him what an amazing woman she is. She takes her pants off and asks him if he would like to put his dick in them. He laughs and she pulls his panties aside. He is instructed to massage his head and she then reminds him itaEUR(tm). You are jerking in a cage, while I poke my face in your face… What will people think?aEUR She says that she expects him to follow her instructions or else heaEUR ™, won’t be able get work as a garbageman. AEURoeThe teachers will be wondering why you treat me like such a sch1t, and I let you get away with thataEUR she tells him. Poor principal. He can’t keep his eyes from LilyaEUR ™, as she sits again on his head, and settling completely. She says, “AEURoeWhen youre back up youaEUR(tm), will be on the streets again.”

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