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After being away for several hours Princess Lily comes home to take care of her slave. Lily is seen hovering above her slave in a leopard skin bikini, with crop in hand. Lily, who just found a piece of bread on the ground, is furious. Is it possible to imagine a slave being this lazy in their duties? He is reminded of her generosity, and she lets him touch her feet while she sucks his toes. She admonishes her husband, saying aEURoeIt was not a good orgasm. She adds, “You have hurt my feelings and I’ve hurt your balls.” As the camera moves back, you will see Lily’s slaveaEUR(tm), cock and balls in the CBT flooring. You will be awestruck by her long, sexy feet. On the other side, her slave is blindfolded so he can’t even see his eyes. If he does not improve, she threatens to remove his balls completely. He is enjoying the sex, she discovers. To make sure that he is aware of the punishment, she kicks his ears. HeaEUR(tm), heaEUR(tm), has no purpose and heaEUR[tm] won’t fuck anybody anyway. She then punishes him with more punishment by dragging his feet. His poor bag looks ready to burst as she walks on its nuts. Lily has noticed cum on his end. He licks it up and she rubs her feet on it. He licks it all up and she lets loose, doing a lot of kicks.

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