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Liv Wild enjoys a relaxing massage by Jenna Foxx. ItAs getting close to the end. After JennaA has finished, JennaA leaves her private space to allow Liv to enjoy the final moments before she gets dressed up and goes back to normal life. But, Liv comes up empty-handed when she reaches for her clothes.
Liv panics, and her clothes are not visible. Liv is forced to leave the room to seek help. This means that she must hide her naked body every step. SheA is horrified when the receptionist sees her sneaking about, but Jenna quickly saves her and takes Liv back into the private bedroom.
Liv becomes even more lost when they’re behind closed doors. Jenna doesn’t let anything slip and offers to give Liv another massage free of charge. Even though Liv still feels shaken from the experience, Jenna offers another massage for free.
Jenna plays sensually with LivA’s breasts, rubbing her pussy and sliding her fingers over her body. She suggests that LivA has a happy end. As Liv writhes in pleasure and needs more stress relief, she isn’t going to be arguing. Jenna keeps her word. Will LivA ever find her clothes again?

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