Gwen II –


Last night I had a dream about my old high school instructor, Ms. Janine. Looking back in my short sexual encounter seemed a fantasy. Here is exactly what happened. I was the only person staying after college and was angry. I drew a huge dick on the blackboard and wrote that Ms Janine needed a prick. Needless to say, she found that and got angry at me. Turning around I found electrical anal beads dangling out of her skirt. I then told her”lets have sex” and that I’d inform the Principle. So she opened the table and took out a variety of toys. Then I use the most anal beads on her asshole! She even licked her ass juice out of those beads. Then she switched me over and used a dildo on my asshole. Now I was no more an Anal Virgin. Eventually Ms Janine got out a double headed dildo so we both watch each other pussy get pounded, then we both came, squirting pussy juice throughout our jagged pussies. Most importantly she I want to go to satisfy my pals.

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