Glory Hole Birthday Surprise –


SeanA’s friend Matt asked him to do a huge favor for Jason, his best friend. Matt and Sean came up with an idea for Sean to wait in the toilet while he plays with his cock next to the dance floor at the club Sean frequents. Jason, MattAs BF isnAt having a great time at the club. He wants to go home. Matt takes Jason into the bathroom and leads him in the hope of changing the mood. Jason and Matt walk by the glory pit, arguing about their night. Matt stares at the glory pit. Jason finds it disgusting, but Matt begins to tug on SeanA’s rock-hard dick. Jason is told by Matt to relax and give Jason a few tugs. Jason does it reluctantly and SeanA soon finds himself blowing through his hard cock. Sean emerges from the stall, and they start to blow each other. Jason, the birthday boy gets fucked first by SeanA’s large cock. Jason’s birthday is complete when Sean fills that empty stomach. Matt gets to taste SeanA’s cock while blowing Jason up until he is bent over. MattA is cummed all over by Sean and Jason.

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