Can ´t people just mind their own company. Acute I don &;t even get it – the should determine what’s going on in acute & somebody else;s house. I catch leggy neighborhood girl Mia oblivious that I&severe;m about to grab her ass. She´therefore dressed in the skimpiest of a midriff belly bariing tope and denim short shorts. WTF are you doing in her missy??? I roughly clutch her around the torso and she starts to make weak excuses asking way too many questions. Oh so you wish to understand exactly what I do here woman next door? I parade her and grab a handful of her long brunette hair. I will reveal to you exactly what I do here I XXXX her up and on the punishment post and tie her arms on the other side of the post beating her elbows together painfully. I really do shoots here miss get in your enterprise. You should&severe;ve stayed in your yard little girl. I bind her neon stiletto heels into the rings onto the faces of the stage and see as little Mia wiggles that are bad and struggles. Enough of your mouth sweetie pie – of the girls who come here wind up gagged. I shove a shop rag to her mouth and then wrap layers of glowing vet wrap around her pretty mind. Awwwww – wager you wishing you stayed in bed this afternoon, huh darlin´. I include a wonderful crotch rope yanking on it up deep and fastening the rope to her wrists. I wrap a few electrical tape making her hands look like a glove that is tighht. Don´t fight babydoll – every time you move your hands it will tug on your crotch rope!!! Let&severe – you look much better with your tits exposed. I pull her shirt up and cop a feel or two seeing her blush. I left some slack in the binding of her legs because I really like to see struggle and these pretty young women wiggle. No doubt pretty girl next door acute, Mia shouldn &;t have snooped!!!!

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