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Russian novice Lucy Heart plays with a college girl who goes to find treatment for a bruise on her thigh. But she’s an ulterior motive–she would like to suck on him, and she has been told by her coeds about paramedic that is cute Choky Ice! Lucy is actually quite experienced in kink as well as fucking, but only for the playfulness of itto see Mr. Ice she dresses innocently at a red plaid skirt, snow white thigh high stockings, and black mary jane shoes. Choky assesses her to ensure everything is generally in working order, but when he checks her bruise, the reason for her trip, he’s overcome by her sexiness! He’s kissing not simply her bruise but down her thighs and across the sleeves. Lucy shows herself as knowledgeable than she first seems, massaging his cock with the soles of her sneakers through his trousers and after that on the bare. In short order her pussy can also be disclosed so Choky can analyze” it–no doubt for any pre-orgasmic fluids!Soon Lucy is sucking his dick and taking it in her pussy doggie style on the test table. She does keep massaging his penis Choky can suck on her feet through her 26, but finally the apparel comes off. He fucks her with along spoon-style her meat like a cowgirl, all the time her feet. When Choky finally peels off her sleeves, we see Lucy’s really attractive size 7.5 bottoms along with her French-pedicured feet –a sophisticated pedicure style which gives her away to Choky as far more than the amateur pupil she was attempting to deceive him into believing she was! When she jacks off his cock she reveals the depth of her fetish experience. . .which Choky enjoys! He fucks her a while and ends up offering her a big load all!

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