Katia D Lys, dressed to kill in a white skirt along with peep toe heels which show off her gams, is busy in a warehouse. She sees a strange thing: a box having an unexpected hole, out of which pops up a thick prick! Well, Katia does not predict the inspector, but after the assessing the shipping manifest realizes this box goes exactly where it is–in the front of her sultry Cuban head and inches out of her sensual lips that are lovely! And so Seorita D Lys does what she feels needed, even, and carrying that shaft in her hand, mouth rubbing against her pussy to enjoy it to the maximum! See Katia’s tongue receives a cum load from that rotating shaft, but then after balls and all of the cock sucking licking up seals the glory hole then with masking tape! Until perhaps she once again has need for another hearty horny serving of beef?

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