I&severe;t always believed that Nyxon was a friend and she really liked me. I learned that she was having a big party for of the local girls and I presumed my not getting an invitation was only an oversight. I come around Nyxon doesn along with to give my help setting things up &extreme;t look all that happy to see me. She offers me a drink and of course I gratify guzzling down the wine . I request a refill and while severe & I;m waiting the booze’s impacts kick in. My mind is spinning and I am seeing double. I guzzle a second glass and soon my words slur and I&severe;m over completely limp and out of it. Welded together behind my back. A rope splits my pussy and my ankles are tied to the legs of this bar stool. Nyxon pushes a ballgag into my mouth telling me that she didn&intense;t invite me but now that I’m totally and here helpless I’ll function as party favor for her guests to perform . She whips a Hitachi magic wand and press it up from my pussy. I moan and fight as she maneuvers it throughout my pussy. Nyxon informs me that this will be my initiation to the in crowd as she moans and taunts me. The vibrations become overly strong and my body betrays me responding with a strong orgasm. I am quite ashamed and humiliated to be ashamed and I fear all of the girls watching me cum and laughing . I beg to stop but instead she inserts the vibrator and then leaves the bar stool there spinning to handle the door that I’m the thing the women will see if they reach her celebration!!!

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