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The Yield of Iron Man!

Yes, hes backagain. For those of you unfamiliar with Iron Man, he dropped his own boxing shorts to reveal weve had numerous responses and what he’s packing in those shorts of his collapse. Iron guy is back and looking better than ever before. In 36 hes working in the fitness center as a fitness expert and when hes not working or working out, he loves to go to the pictures, the beach, the clubs and restaurants that are nice. He likes to try new things and can be open to new adventures. He asked him if there was. He considered it before admitting there was this 3-way when he was 21, he had. One in the pink, one at the stwellthat you know the restof the Hes getting more and more defined and admits that he is got by the changes that were new a good deal more focus. After a workout while in the showers he sees that he has checked out a lot. Sometimes its exciting its flattering and other times it bothers me. . .depending on whos looking. Well, you cant blame a guy. Fortunately all you have to do is sit back and watch all you desire. Man begins setting up the place because of his shoot because he puts up the camera and the tripod. He begins to your camera waiting to show up and decides hes gon na while we watch, perform his personal video. He starts to flex his biceps and chest and pulls his tee off. He starts doing and drops. He then gets up and flexes his pecs separately (show off) lol. Hes definitely looking great. He undoes his pants and once to the sofa to get the party began he lies back in his briefs. His cock is sticking from his briefs and already semi-hard. He starts to work with it as he strokes and pulls on his cock that’s gradually coming to life. He starts hammering his dick and pulls his briefs. For a better appreciation for physique and his form, as he jacks off. His pecs are strong and those guns get larger every time we see him. Iron Man drops his panties to secure much better access to that thick dick and stands up. He strokes that meat along with the camera gives us a shot from below that really showcases his sleek anatomy.He then gets onto his knees prior to the sofa and bends on the sofa. He caresses that muscular ass and shows us that hot ass. He makes sure we get an eye full and spreads those cheeks. His ass is tight and firm. Were sure many would beg na bounce more than a quarter. Iron guy sits back in the seat and gets back into stroking his thick latin cock. Hes stone hard and his cock is aching for release. He licks on his fingertip before teasing his knob because he functions that dick. He then takes the show back into the sofa where it started and starts jacking that dick for all its value, Hes and operating up a batch that will probably be sent splattering around his handsome self. As his predator becomes a blur hes totally concentrated. As he nears his orgasm his pecs and tense up. His balls pull up tight around the base of his cock that is sweet and gently without much ado, he shoots. His penis unloads a healthful, heaping heaps of nourishment which currently coats his cock and balls. Iron guy grins and loves the scene that he just master . . . .and so do we.

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